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Be Fortunate - Our First Commercial!!!!!!

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a Big HUGE Thank You to:

Director : Harimander Singh

Director of Photography: Jeff Bollman

Producer: Jai Gopal Singh

Music composer : Adam Berry

Editor: Harimander Singh

Production Manager: Ashley Wade

Set + Costume:  Ashley Wade + Rachel Gold

Actor: Chris Alvarado

Actress: Ali Tobia

Thank you also to Gurujas Kaur, Nina Berry, Andrew Bardusk, Paul Kouri]]>


  • Jamila: July 12, 2010

    Wow !~~!!!!!!
    Grace- thank you for the kindest comment ever!!! I really appreciate it. I was so lucky to have a dream team of talented friends come together and make this ad happen— and there are 2 more coming along down the pike! i am soooo excited! Best to you !!!!

    Becca- THANK YOU I am so so glad to hear this. so far its just being posted around online but I think TV could be a possibility… I’ll let you know!!!!!!!! xoxo

  • Grace Gunning: July 09, 2010

    Lila Pague sent me your ad . I’ve followed your wonderful rising star of business through her since the beginning because my children and I have a special connection to the number 11:11. I’ve heard of your lovely wedding and how very wonderful you are.
    I LOVE THIS AD!!!!!
    May it make you even more famous!
    love and success,

  • Rebecca Sweeney: July 10, 2010

    I love it. Very good actors. Very funny. Very much makes me want to get online and place an order. Seriously. Cannot wait to see more! Where will it air??? I send all the fortune in the world your way!!!!!!!

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