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So we have been planning this thing for a good 4 months now so I am very VERY excited to announce the launch today of our GRASSROOTS GOOD LUCK CAMPAIGN OF AWESOMENESS. We are raising capital the newfashioned way- through the power of social media and community support! Its such an exciting time over here at 11:11 HQ, we've made soo much progress and now all we need is a little help from our friends. The best part is that I made some radical new designs and offerings so its a give and get more type situation. See alll the radical amazingness here - http://awesome.eleveneleven.net/.

So I created the mandala above as the centerpiece of the whole shebang. Like it!?! I'm so excited. Here's what it means:

Lucky Mandala

This fortune attracting mandala was inspired by a desire to unite many different cultural symbols for luck into one harmonious whole.

11:11 – power numbers when seen often trigger the higher awareness to wake up and realize harmony.

Beating Heart – our human hearts beat within the great universal heart – ONE LOVE.

4 Leaf Clover – traditional Irish lucky symbol. 4 is also the number of the heart Chakra- energy wheel. Each leaf also has an individual lucky meaning- one leaf each for Fame, Health, Love, and Wealth!

Horseshoe – a nearly universal symbol of good luck with roots to the pagan Moon Goddesses of ancient Europe.

Gold Coin – symbolizes great material wealth and abundance!

Acorn – an emblem of luck, prosperity and power. also acorns appear only on adult trees, and thus are often a symbol of patience and the fruition of long, hard labor.

Hamsa – an ancient protective symbol worn by both Jews and Muslims, it's also come to symbolize the potential for peace and harmony.

Lady Bug – a symbol of luck and love in many cultures, it is said when a ladybug lands on you your wish will come true.

Mandala – This back round mandala is a healing wheel of light focusing the energy and attention inward.

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light.

May good luck pursue you each

morning and night.”

Irish Blessing

ps If you share this  http://awesome.eleveneleven.net/ with everyone you know and don't know but wish you did I would be so so so happy. Thank you for spreading the word....]]>

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  • ja- loved the commercial and the idea behind the luck. best of it to you! i plan to forward this to amber. saw your mom for a few hours today!!!! we are visiting aaron and his girlfriend in greensboro for the weekend. hope all your wishes come true! also- where are you staying when you go to nyc. possible i can connect with an old college friend whose kids are out of the house and she lives in hoboken n.j. near the PATH train into nyc. she was visiting her daughter in iowa city but may be back and willing to do this. if you get this, write me tonite since i will be leaving in the morning and will not have email access at home on the farm. if you get this later and want to call me, number is 304-849-3913. i cannot guarantee she will be willing to invite you or even be home, but it was just a thought that came to me when i saw your schedule! much love, saw amber over july 4 weekend. she bought a duplex and lives in a historical area outside baltimore. she is working as hard as you at a job that takes too much of her time but offers her good financial gain! her boyfriend has given up his apt. in new orleans and will commute when his bands travel on tour or he has to teach them the music he has composed!

    hope all goes well and i will check out your newest website offerings, but have no real money to spend on gifts. but if i think of someone with a business that could use your services, i will let you know!

    much love,

    p.s. your “flying” photo was wonderful!

    fern singer

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