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Back to Brooklyn


This is my office ( + bedroom) 7 years ago in Brooklyn. I got one of my first accounts - Urban Outfitters - during this time and sewed all of the crazy huge order myself from this very spot!

The birthplace of 11:11 enterprises!

Check out that hair. You can't see it but here I am standing in between my fold up bed and my desk. It was a small room but i filled every corner with the insides of my brain and heart. Honestly I miss the unbridled creative flow of those days...but I don't miss how naive I was- oh the things I've learned!

I am going back to Brooklyn on Wednesday though! Oh sure I've visited every so often over the years, and sometimes New York just kicks my ass, and other trips I feel like I landed on top of the world and I skip around in merriment the whole time... this time around I get to visit with my dear husband Patrick ( he's teaching a 7 day yoga bootcamp while we are there!)and do the Renegade Craft show in Greenpoint at McCarren Park! My old stomping grounds! I began the business officially just blocks away from there, on the corner of Bedford and North 7th . I gathered the courage to set up a little table and sold my wallets one sunny day and the rest is history!!!

If you're in the area I sure hope you come out and visit us this coming weekend! Its going to be a bonanza of awesomeness on every front..not to be missed! Big hearts!]]>

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