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Some Sunday Inspiration


I've been in a scanning frenzy today. Its what I do to get ready for Collagapalooza, which is going to happen real soon. I can feel it rumbling in the distance like a technicolor freight train made out of razzzzzberry licorice and all butter shortbread. WTF am I talking about you ask? Friend, it's how 11:11 imagery collections are born. It's just like a 90's rock concert- except its just me, scissors, gluesticks and photoshop. And tea. lots of tea. I am delirious.

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  • gaaaahhhh!!! i can’t stand it- such mind blowing images! love them all- can’t wait until they’re made into nifty little wallets and notebook covers for us to carry around and savor :) keep up the awesome work! <3


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