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Tackle your TAXES !!!!

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I've been trying to avoid writing this post all morning. I don't like taxes, I don't understand all the rules, and the whole subject just makes me want to go eat a cupcake and deal with it later. Thank God for accountants is all I really have to say!!!

With April 15th looming closer I thought it would be helpful if I rounded up some resources for us to maybe take the edge off a little bit. Lets get empowered and tackle this head on- together! Now! Yay!

Check these links out:

A really great article from the always awesome Design*Sponge blog: Biz Ladies: Tax Info for Small Business

If you need some info on the different types of taxes you are responsible for as a small business owner check out this helpful article- Tax Considerations for Self-Employed Arts and Crafts Vendors

Great article explaining the tax breaks we can get as creative small business owners -Tax Advantages from Your Craft Business

Check out the Small Business Adminstration's Small Business Planner - its more awesome than it sounds- no seriously- very helpful stuff.

Go straight to the horse's mouth and visit the IRS's Small Business and Self Employed Tax Center


A few more things- If you are running a small business without any kind of software to help you keep track of things- STOP MAKING THINGS HARDER ON YOURSELF! Get Quickbooks.  Like right now! Quickbooks allows me to keep track of my expenses , bank and credit accounts, customers, invoices, payments, sales reports.... on and on. It took me a little coaching to get started with it, but once I got the hang its been very intuitive. I actually was so lost when I first installed the software that I went online and found an accountant that was willing to coach me in getting started and then he ended up not even charging me! So don't be afraid- it will make your business so much more organized you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

And lastly- hire a good accountant! If dealing with taxes feels like just too much, let your fingers do the walking and call someone! I found mine by asking around for recommendations, but here is a good and easy way to get accountants to bid on you!

Don't you feel better already?! Now for that cupcake..]]>


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