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The power of REST


Hey this is for all you over achievers out there. Ya I'm talkin to you! In my exploration of rhythm, and finding it, I have realized how important giving your self the time to truly relax is.  


In anything you do- you want to be good at it right? You want to do it right the first time, and happily! I am realizing now that giving yourself the time, making it, DEMANDING it is essential if you want to live your best life, do the best job, create the masterpiece, build the empire... you get the drift.  Sometimes circumstances require you to push it, to max out, to go past any limitations you think you have- in terms of the length of your work day, money, energy and everything else... Part of finding your rhythm is knowing when those times are, and when you in fact can and should  just.... RELAX. Because the fact is, the more successful you are with your goals, the more in demand you will be, and if you don't know yourself enough to know when it's time to pull back and rest,  you WILL burn out. or get sick. Then you are forced to rest, and that kind of rest is not as fun as basically annnything else you could've done if you would just give yourself the permission to relax in the first place.

I just discovered all this for myself... It's been my habit to just go until the wheels fall off. Not pretty. Lately I've been trying to listen to the inner voice that knows, but is so easily drowned out by the noise of life. Give yourself a break, when you need it. Then when you feel ready to go again, give it all you've got!!!!!]]>

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  • Thanks Valerie for making me feel like I am not alone here. I am truly a recovering workaholic and each blog post I have written lately is all stuff i need to be hearing, repeatedly!
    Here’s to the weekend, and to enjoying the good life!!!


  • Hi Audrey! Yes turning the computer off gets crucial sometimes.. Enjoy your rest and your weekend!


  • Yes limitations make the creative flow more potent sometimes too….I hadn’t thought of it like that before…so true! Thank you Dava!


  • There are studies that show that people are more productive after a nap. The body requires sleep for a reason—so we can let that miracle brain of ours relax a bit and play (hence, dreams).

    Society today makes limitations sound like a bad thing; but you are 100% spot-on!


  • Oh, Jamila! I run until “my wheels fall off” and it is SO not pretty. Relaxing is such a weird thing. I would think that it would be easy to do because you’re not doing much…NOT. But the past few months have taught me that is is crucial for a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. So, in the process of letting go and relaxing – everything else started to fall into place. Relaxing really is the best medicine for everything. I am glad to hear that you can relate – thanks for the words of wisdom!


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