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Rhythm is the key to total success

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Have you ever wondered how Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey lives on a day to day basis? I mean really. Sure they have loads of money and probably 1000 assistants each but they weren't born like that right?  High achieving, wildly rich, self made people have just as many hours in the day as you and me. How are they living their lives day to day and what can we learn from them? We all know people that are awesome with great ideas but they are still just getting by and not really close to living in their true potential. That person may even be you! I know I'm not living to my full potential- but I am getting closer to it every day. The key is finding out what works best for YOU, and then DOING IT. Repeatedly. Like, as in EVERY DAY.

Rhythm is practical

Finding your rhythm is finding what works for you on a really basic level. How much sleep do you need? What kinds of foods work best in your body type? What kinds of exercise do you actually enjoy (so you will therefore do)? This stuff is so basic I feel kind of silly even writing it....and it's funny because I remember my dad repeatedly talking to me about creating healthy habits when I was growing up...Even so- I can't be the only one who is not in my twenties anymore and still just figuring out the basics! I'm not saying you need to be Mr. Healthy and live like a saint but the bottom line is this: High achieving people have a routine that works for them and they know what that is and they do it. Period. Find out what your ideal routine is then do it every day for a week. See what happens. If you like what you see then the results are fuel to keep going. If not- adjust and keep exploring. If you keep experimenting - you'll keep refining and your life will begin to look more like what you've always dreamed for yourself.

Rhythm is alignment

You are a vibrating mass of energy. The whole entire universe is a vibrating mass of energy. You are both a part of and seperate from the universe. This fact is the dual nature of living on this planet, in a human body, with free will. Free will means you are the creator of your life. (THUS- EVERYONE LIVING AS A HUMAN IS VERY DEEPLY CREATIVE) All this new age talk is to say - because you and the universe are both vibrating masses of energy- you can really get a lot more done in a day with a lot more enjoyment if you align your energy to the universal pulse of creation. Pretty fancy?! No, SIMPLE. The key is to find a practice that works for you. Some people run. Some people knit. Some people surf. Some people do yoga. Some people do Kundalini yoga. My point is- find out what activities make you feel aligned- in tune- happy. and then do them! You'll know you have got it when you notice life lining up for you. Synchronicity- When you sync up your rhythm with the RHYTHM.


I write all this because I've been really exploring what my rhythm is for the past 5 months especially. Ever since my brilliant yoga teacher Harijiwan told me that finding my rhythm was the key to all my dreams coming true. It was refreshing to hear that the key is so simple- but it's been a surprising challenge to really live and explore. I've had to look at all my habits and then try new routines and it's not always easy or fun but it's always worth it. I realized that my habit was to avoid routine- which is probably part of why I always wanted to work for myself and no one else! Because of this exploration however I can say that I'm closer than ever to living the life I have always known was possible and it's totally because I am learning to tune into my own inner knowing- which is totally intertwined with the rhythm thing. And it's extra especially important if you are an entrepreneur or anyone who sets their own schedule or has ambitions beyond the norm...I am convinced the key is rhythm and finding what that means for YOU!  I wish you much success on your journey and remember- it's all about enjoying the process....not just the end result!]]>


  • Catalyst Yogi: March 22, 2010

    Sat Nam,

    I enjoyed reading this blog entry !

    In my experience, the great mystery in life is learning about my Self – my higher self. This means letting go of all conflict inside me – accepting myself ‘warts and all’. Following someone else’s formula for success has never worked for me.

    I have found that Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is perfect for aligning oneself with the creative flow of the universe. Speaking of rhythm the Universe lets me know I am in the flow when I look at the clock and it reads 11:11 or 12:12 etc.

    peace and love to ALL,

    Catalyst Yogi

  • The power of REST |: March 25, 2010

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  • Jamila: March 26, 2010

    Hey Catalyst Yogi! Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate you stopping by- you do great work over there on your end of the blogosphere! Keep it up and SAT NAM!

  • Katie: March 21, 2010

    That was so inspirational thank you! It was exactly what I needed to hear today.

  • Jamila: March 21, 2010

    Thanks Katie. Just checked out your blog too- keep going- its great!

  • Jamila: March 12, 2010

    thank you sooo much!!!!

  • Jamila: March 12, 2010

    seriously- it means so much to know this was appreciated. thank you all for your comments!!

  • Hari Bhajan: March 10, 2010

    Beautifully expressed and from the heart. Yes, to rhythm and to finding your own and adjusting it from time to time as circumstances change in your life. Sharing this with the YM Facebook Fans. It’s good stuff.
    Peace, love,light!

  • Clare: March 12, 2010

    Fantastic! I agree with Patrick! Ditto everything he says about what you have written. Beautiful!

  • Patrick: March 10, 2010

    Holy Moley, that’s the best blog post I’ve read in a long time. It’s incredibly insightful and well written not to mention inspiring. Thank you for putting that out into the world. It will surely help loads of people align themselves and find that “click.” Keep up the good work. ; )

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