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Visualizing the future: BRICK AND MORTAR


Been thinking lots about the direction of this little business and am thinking: I REALLY WANT A STOREFRONT. It doesnt have to be big or even in a great high traffic area ( like 3rd St, LA- hear that wish Gods and landlords?) but it does need to be ground level with some kind of front window, good parking, and good light. I am really seeing this and I went on Craigslist tonight and am seeing  its actually realistic.. I found a 500 sq foot space on Venice pretty near where we live for $850 !! It has skylights and everything!

I am seeing a partnership of sorts even, where we set up the front part with one or 2 other brilliantly visual friends and just chock a block SATURATE the space with amazing finds from near and far. Make it like breathtaking in its scope and intensity! It doesn't have to be big, just inspiring and full of awesomeness. Then the rest of the space would be for 11:11 production, inventory and shipping.. We currently do pretty much all this ( minus production) , in a spare bedroom so surely we could share the space with a rad little store in front! Ideally this store venture could expand into a Cafe/ Retail situation , as food is a real PASSION around here..My husband is seriously a genius with food of all kinds, but he really shines in the Baking and Tea Arts, so we could start by just offering a smattering of delectable treats to be consumed while relaxing and shopping....Its not a new concept but I think its a pretty successful one overall..here in LA we have the Rose Cafe in Venice and the Casbah Cafe in Silverlake, and I'm sure more... But I would be happy to start with just a retail space done really well and the freedom and organization of a real office in the back...The space could even be pretty open, kind of like when you go into a restaurant and you can see the kitchen... So thats what I'm thinking, dreaming, visualizing today. What about you???!!!! Lets make it happen!!!!!!!!!!

it could be kind of like a mix between this and this

and this!


photo credits from top:    Texas EscapesTheBrooklynKitchen +   ThomasNet:IMT thank you!!]]>

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  • Thank you Paulina!!! I really appreciate it. Happy New year! lets really make it happen!! 2011!!!


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  • Jamila,

    Thank you for the awesome posts! I am also an artist/designer with this similar dream… working on making it a reality. Your info has been very helpful. Thanks for inspiring people ; )

    Best of luck to you in 2011




  • Ja. you just made me laugh.. between your contrast .. of the photos… i think it is about time to upgrade get out and seperate.. no more spare bedrooms. up ward and onward.



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