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Then and Now


Above is a picture of  the birthplace of 11:11 enterprises - the corner of Bedford Ave and N 7th St in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I was walking by there the other day as I went to catch the L train on my way to the Javits center (pictured below) for the NY International Gift Fair. I was there all week and it was AMAZING. I learned so much, met so many lovely people and wrote some really great orders....

Anyhow, being here in NYC has got me walking down memory lane a whole lot and reflecting on the past 6 years of this business adventure. I started this business with the grandest sweeping visions and plans but as you can see I started it in a rather humble way.. I was beyond broke, a month late on the rent and so felt like the universe was forcing me out of my shell and into the world with my little creations. I literally wheeled my folding table down the street in my granny shopping cart and set up shop right there outside the subway station. Before that day I had been focusing on insanely detailed and bizarre handbags that were so beyond what 99.99 % of what people would buy that there was really little hope of starting my accessory empire that way...the success of that fateful day opened up a new world of possibility for me. Without that beginning and then holding on (and not ever giving up)... I would not be selling here now--------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The whole Gift Show experience was so amazing for me.. I feel like finally I made it into a real sphere of infinite possibilities...This place the Javits center is MASSIVE and walking the aisles of this show is like walking through worlds of entrepreneurial dreams (and nightmares..).  SERIOUSLY some amazing stuff... we were around the corner from Johnathan Adler and a million other gorgeous booths..the first day I went through some serious self doubts just because what was surrounding me was so much bigger than the little business I've got going on....The feedback and orders that came in over the course of the week quieted those voices a bit though and and mainly I am just excited to learn and grow into the potential I always felt was possible... I know now for sure that whatever you can dream, you can do....if you just start, keep going, refine, adjust, keep up, open up , let go and repeat......]]>

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