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Venice beach, CA, 75 degrees, New Years Day 2010

Well Happy January 8th! or 9th! or whatever day you read this! I hope its really going well for  you!! And if its not I hope you can find your shit kicking boots, put them on  and go make some changes!!! Thats pretty much exactly whats been going on over here. We had a well deserved staycation ( no airports!) and then this past week have been accelerating into the new year...mapping out all kinds of plans for the year, and beyond. We actually sat down and wrote out our one year goals in detail and then also our 5 and 10 year goals. This kind of thing is so easy to avoid but once you just make yourself do it -- well its been amazing the clarity of focus we now have and how the universe is just responding to our intentions left and right!!! But I've also had to make some real changes in my daily routine, hit the refresh button- which I will get into later but it involves quiting my over indulgent sleep habits (10-12 hours easy) and beginning a 40 day-  4 am meditation schedule ( this may sound crazy to some of you but I swear its the most amazing thing ever)...I'm just 2 days in but already its been kind of miraculous..

So part of the new plan involves getting this blog into a whole new shape- and creating a new blog/website for more of my personal ramblings and art work. This here blog is now titled " Artist Heart: Business Brain" which you may have noticed, because I want to focus here on sharing how I have learned to combine the two (after MUCH struggle and failure!) , as well as writing about independent small business tips, issues, inspirations and more. We are growing this business from nothing right on up to the stars and we want you to come along for the ride-- and hopefully inspire you to take your own dream to heights you have yet to even realize!! Lets go!!!! Lets make it happen- after all it is 2010!!! Waiting is so last decade.]]>

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