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Rainy Days and and Nelson Puzzles

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I bought this gem last night and now instead of doing any work I am interlocking Nelson's hair dos together. Its a great way to spend an afternoon let me tell you. Actually, I'm getting alot done and its true what they say- the more you do, the more you CAN do. Its been an action packed few weeks and now its time to prepare for the mother of all Christmas craft shows- Renegade Craft in San Francisco next weekend!! SO EXCITED. I know I say that alot but for real this is the big kahuna folks. I've got plans to transform my 8x8 booth space into a 11:11 WONDERLAND OF SHOPPING EUPHORIA. ooh maybe thats what we should name our new brick and mortar store. Because now is a GREAT time to open a brick and mortar - I'm hearing that from EVERYONE. ;)

In other news, Its still raining in LA and we all treat it like  its raining loch ness monsters or something. Its THAT exciting.. I'm off to go have my tenth cup of yogi tea and pop some more beans in our super fantastic Soy milk maker we got as a wedding gift-- We've been drinking it freshly made and steaming hot ( w/ some maple syrup and cinnamon too! ) and its out of this world delicious yummy amazing fantastic. Cheers to the good life. XOX]]>

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  • Greg Maloch: March 21, 2010

    You really have something here. This has me thinking about some possibilities. Thanks

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