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Patrick made these babies into a surprise  the other day..

Patrick's amazing students Karla and Patricia gave us this amazing wedding gift !!!


Patrick made the MOST amazing spicy dark hot chocolate the other night with our new Cappucino maker!!!


some of my favorite little things on my boudoir...


Patrick is such a coconut and  dang the new Coconut Pinkberry is tasty!!!


altar candle lights!


I love him so much.


So I am getting (re) married in 5 days. We eloped last december but we loved each other so much we want to get married again and again!!!! And this time do it Virginia style with all of our nearest and dearest... anyhoo...i just felt like i should write something here because ive been in wedding preparation land for so long that this here blog has been a tad ...ahem..neglected...(cough cough) 

oh well, you forgive me right!!!! 

Do you you know that saying if it weren't for the last minute nothing would get done? Well that pretty much describes my existence right now. Wish me luck!!!!

We will be wedding and then honeymooning till the 2oth!!! So if you place an order through my 11:11 website or through Amazon your order will be delayed until after we return, so I hope that is ok!!! They will be first priority upon returning!!!

Thank you!!!!!]]>


  • Patrick: September 08, 2009

    hey, that’s kinda personal. ; )

  • franco: September 16, 2009

    hey! this is franco! remember me? from!
    congrats you are getting married!! wooo!!!!
    also i wanna congratulate you about your new project alchemy union, it looks amazing!!!!
    much love

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