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gold hearts


i've been obsessively checking a few incredibly gorgeous wedding inspiration blogs ( see my list below) and have been percolating the ideas thru my mind. what is going to be my special touch that brings it all together?!  And then it hit me, Gold Hearts of course! I am now officially asking everyone i know with a spare minute and some scissors to please help me cut hearts, out of ANY GOLD paper. were taking gold wrapping paper, origami paper , even gold chocolate wrappers ( good excuse to go eat some chocolate). I want to gather THOUSANDS of gold hearts in the next 5 weeks. YES FIVE WEEKS. Holy shit. I have sooooo much to do, and its all so exciting. So anyhow, Gold hearts. any and all sizes. from 1/4 inch to 3 feet. , but most in the 1/2 inch to 2 inch range in diameter. these are going to be used to decorate the tables, places on the white tablecloths around the flower centerpieces in kind a sunburst circular pattern, and places around every other surface we can get our hands on....gold hearts everywhere! I so appreciate any help you can give, from 1 to a 1,000.....then your energy too will surround  and be with us on this most auspicious day!! email me for mailing info, ok!



heres my favorite wedding blogs:




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