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San Francisco weekend



i took this pic with a timer. i was trying to jump but it was windy and i was concerned the camera might blow off the pillar i had it on...this i took sunday evening after two very full days of selling at the Renegade craft fair.


we went to this cute little place called Underdog as soon as we rolled into town on friday, Patrick found it on yelp, and they serve an amazing array of vegan and fancy sausages and hotdogs with homemade fixins and even organic tater tots! we got an order to go and then headed on over to Golden Gate Park, which was very nearby. we immediatly found this amazing lake, and it was like landing in to heavan. we had not left LA and been in any kind of nature like this in sooo long. it was so refreshing i can not even tell you. and the sausages were fantastic.


the above pic i took of a part of the wall in that cute underdog restaurant, and then below is a pic of Patrick picking the juiciest blackest blackberries on the side of the trail. He picked sooo many...It was classic summer and so much fun.


i'll never get tired of visiting that place. just magical.]]>

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