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Wedding Dress Trials (ask me for the password if you want!)



This was a dress at Davids Bridal that i saw online and was pretty in love with. 


until i tried it on. so stiff!


its a nice 50's fantasy....


If i were a different type of lady maybe but the fact is that i love to be comfortable. and this was not. plus whose breasts are those? not mine.


same idea. very pretty, but felt more like wearing a costume to me than something i would want to wear on my flowing late summer wedding day.


i was wearing the most horrible corset type thing under these dresses that they lent me...ugh


Ashley suggested i try this one on and i am so glad, as it opened my mind to a more empire waisted goddess type dress


i kind of love this style veil too, but it only works with a certain type of dresss....


I'm loving the catholic virgin mary look here.


i like this alot but its not the one... we went to 2 other stores next that would not let us take pictures....we found a Stephen Yearick insanely gorgeous dress beaded crystals all over, simple sheath stunner but it was 1200 on sale soooo...... then we went to another place and found some more empire waisted flowing silk dresses with beading up top....i'm definately loving that look........what an adventure.... i am ready to find and decide now though! so much to do....]]>

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  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. its almost here! you look so purdy. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo a clan a gals @ Carvel’s house

    amanda and dana and lacey

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