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So I dropped my camera on my birthday and it broke so I've been using my husbands camera instead. Its kind of clunky, but its takes nice pictures and I guess thats what matters. Anyhow, I finally downloaded them today and so here are a few highlights. I put the photos into this awesome new app that I downloaded,called Poladroid! My friend Nina uses it alot and its so fun right!?


Nina also sent me this amazing fabric for our wedding table decorations! She hand picked it for me while she was in India working on her clothing line Family Affairs. Yes we are going BOLD with golden yellows, a few rich blue ones and one red tablecloth, for the bridal table!  I am so excited to decorate, we are going to have so much fun with it! Thank you Nina!!!!


The fabric arrived in the most remarkable package, it was fabric literally sewn together around the bundles of fabric inside.


Patrick went to ladle out some more Yogi Tea we always seem to have on the stove, and saw this beautiful golden mean spiral. God is in the details right.


We have adopted a cat, her name is Cat. She is shy yet very savvy. Here she is sashaying next to our potted garden! 


We also have a little ladybug family on our largest eggplant plant, and this is the Mama.Her babies are smaller with no spots yet. SO CUTE. God I love ladybugs!!!! Such good omens and just so darling. Not to start a diatribe or anything but, Ladybug craft "art" I do not find darling. Only the real Ladybugs. Just had to say that.



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