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La Belle et La Bete... J'adore!

Jai Gopal Khalsa

and set to a dreamy George Harrison score....I love...

This movie was given to me  many years ago by the manager at this store I used to work and sell my stuff at in Soho, Stackhouse on Lafayette/ Prince.....Oh Kenny where ever you are- thank you!!!! This film still delights me. The archetypal tale of Beauty and the Beast; of sacrifice, acceptance, love and dreams fulfilled......and the sheer beauty of this film just enchant....

I'm thinking this would be a good look for the the wedding too. For those people that may not know, yes I'm married and yes I'm having a wedding! In September! Its going to be soooo much funnnnnnn..So for Patrick and I 's wedding attire....look at the last part of the film,after he turns into the prince. His ruffled collar and white tights ( and pantaloon's are so 09) , her big sleeves and pearls...can you see it! After we say our vows we'll just float up into the sky...... and then come down again and party!]]>

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  • Booyah! 11:11 is looking solid, some really beautiful and fun designs out there. Every time I see the clock at 11:11 I think of you:)


  • Thank you so much. That means alot coming from you! You been around since the very beginning of 11:11 enterprises!!!! What times we had… I miss cornmeal crust pizza, po boys, pho and fluffernutters whilst standing around…oh man i miss New York now…tho i gotta say i love LA


  • Congratulations on your impending nuptials Jamila! I definitely love me some George Harrison and Jean Cocteau too! Glad you liked the film, it’s a perfect dreamy match for you, I can see you guys already. Ha, I just read your Amazon mail and checked your site, what timing, thanks for the shout out. I miss you and those fun days trying to relieve the boredom of retail.


  • OMG Ken!!!!!!!!! Great to hear from you on here! wow what timing right?!
    glad we’ll be facebook friends now too ;)


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