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Venice Beach Adventures!



I spent part of Thursday and Friday trying my luck at Venice Beach! I have been thinking about this for years, how it would be to sell my wares there and it was so fun! We went to get the permit for it  a few weeks ago and then the lottery drawing happens every Tuesday morning, which is how you get an official assigned spot, which is good for a week or weekend. I bet there is pretty good money to be made there this summer on the weekends, a great way to move old stock and make some new fans. Also, its nice to make money while sitting next to the ocean. I plan on being very busy this summer though so perhaps I can find someone that would like to sell there for me! I found this above video slideshow on You Tube, if you watch all 3 or so minutes of it it gives you an idea of the diversity of the scene..it's a trip. It reminds me of Key West's Sunset Celebration which happens every afternoon/evening on Mallory Square Pier. When I was little my mom used to paint and sell awesome totally 80's airbrushed T shirts that she would make in her studio out in the back yard of our home on Laird St. She would take me with her when she would go to sell them at Sunset. It was good times. I still remember alot of the regulars down there, especially the Popcorn Man, who made the BEST popcorn ever with lots of butter and brewers yeast. and of course the Cookie Lady and OJ Dave. Yum. Oh ya and the Tight Rope Walking guy and the Weird Cat Guy... Venice Beach is like a massive more gritty and diverse version of that scene. For example, yesterday Patrick saw a man with orange spray paint all down his chest, his neck, and on his face, in his mouth and teeth.... Also seen yesterday: A guy in flowing robes, long hair and beard with a sign that said "Take your picture with a Spiritual Man $1", a guy on 6 ft stilts covered in leaves, and of course the legendary Harry Perry! See below..and notice the guy that comes into the frame around 13 seconds.


ps Harry Perry does Kundalini Yoga! He goes to every Summer Solstice and White Tantric! During the  Ransabai last summer, which is like a huge all night sleepover with sacred live music being played the whole time, on the last night of Solstice  after 3 days of White Tantric Yoga, Harry Perry did an electric guitar set at like 2 am. Awesome. This is like in between gentle harp like chanting and mellow acoustics. Not everyone was pleased. A true original, I love him!]]>

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  • Thank you for taking me there!!!
    Never been to CA :(
    Let me know how your success is this summer.
    Do you like Etsy? Been thinking of selling greeting cards on line and know nothing about Etsy.
    Love love love beautiful chica

    rebecca sweeney

  • Thank you so much for reading! I will keep the blog posted of all venice developments.. regarding Etsy,
    lets talk , i definatly have more than 2 cents to share. I encourage you to try it out and get your cards out FOR SURE!!!! I have not been very successful on Etsy however…it requires alot of dedication and low prices…as far as i can tell…personally i am focusing on Amazon instead…but thats a whole other game. Etsy is great to test the waters and its easy!!! Email me if you want more advice specifically


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