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Fruit and flying time.



Annddddd, its friday!

Thats what happen when you're having fun right...time flies! Me and everyone I know. I wonder if time feels different to those living closer to  nature like on a farm or in a yurt? I soooo want to have a farm and many yurts someday (soon). Until then it's us in the big ol' city. Which I love. LA is the city of angels you know!

Anyhow, it's May and things really are starting to grow tall and blossom, on a lot of levels! The strawberries outside our kitchen door are even starting to get red, and all kinds of projects I've only been dreaming about until now are coming to life.

My challenge is , and I know i'm not alone, is how to keep up with it all!? I mean really... are there enough hours in the day? I know a big illusion is "time poverty" but its really seems like there is not enough. I am commited to solving that riddle and I have a clue that it begins something like this: breathe and focus on right NOW.....there is a reason cliches are cliches.... usually TRUTH! 

Anyhow, I am excited and I hope you are too. Lets keep planting those seeds and watching them sprout!

Victory! From seed to root, and shoot to fruit!]]>

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  • Love these posters of the fruit. Where did you find them?


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