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(Perhaps I am 1 years old here? Aren't my parents the cutest ever?!)

I turned 30 today! I remember when I turned 20 and when I turned 10.

1o was a big one, I remember walking through the rain with my Dad in Key West, I think there was a huge storm and flooding, and I remember just chattering on about how cool it was that I was going to be in the double digits!

Turning 20 was memorable because that is the year my best friend Rachel and I won a poll dancing contest at Hiphuggers in Savannah, GA. The place even more cheesy than it sounds. Rachel wore rollerskates all night and we both won free trips to Florida for our triumphs. Some jealous girls that heard we were only 20 told on us after we won and we ended up getting chased out of the bar....I don't remember much else...I know there are pictures out there somewhere...I'd love to see them!

And now 10 years later. I don't drink or smoke, I do yoga all the time, and work relentlessly....and I'm happier than ever! Nothing beats being turned on by life and in the creative flow, not even double digits, poll dances and free trips to Florida! I am so thankful for my life and everyone and everything in it, including you! Now off to go celebrate the day and the warm California sunshine!!!

PS Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me such a beautiful life! I love you both beyond words and through eternity and will be forever grateful.]]>

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  • Gorgeous pic – I remember these days – like yesterday – A very Happy Birthday! Welcome to a new decade – may it be as special as your previous ones!


  • Thank you so much!!! xoxoxo


  • Congrats! xoxox


  • yay birthdays! 108 birthday blessings


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