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Chinatown: Awesome!



Ashley and I went to an art walk in Chinatown on Saturday night, and as you can see, it was GORGEOUS! Everywhere I turned there were gems and delights.

The art was pretty good too. I was actually impressed. Especially the first gallery we went to, North Hill Exhibitions. They had a show of Deborah Faye Lawrence's called Citizen Artist and I think she may be my new favorite. If I could have spared the $35, I would for sure have gotten her book"DeeDee Does Utopia", it is AWESOME.... but back to Chinatown's awesomeness....how did it take me 4 years of living in LA to discover this? Better late than never. I hear the art walk happens now just 4 times a year there so try and make it if you can, it is a good scene that is almost guaranteed to inspire! I sure was.]]>

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