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Inspiration Monday


So, I know monday is almost over, especially for those of you on the East coast of the USA. For my peeps in say Switzerland (Hi Nina!) I already missed the monday boat. Oh well. I am now posting my inspiration of the day. I aim to do this every monday, because mondays are the days we most need to be in touch with our inspiration right?! Here goes:


White Elephants

Dark chocolate covered pretzels

Chris Guillebeau (The Art of Non Conformity) @ http://chrisguillebeau.com/3x5/ 

Santa Mugs filled with HOT tea ( "wrong season" I know.)

Amen (the word , as in can I get an-)

Jumping Pictures (yeah, now and forever. PS ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS ;)

Deadlines ( Unique LA Craft show this weekend! Holla)


My pet - Mini Rose Bush ( yes, it is a plant)

Oversized Cabbages


Ok, your turn now!]]>

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