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from flowers to fruit love



I went over to my friend Kat's ( from the awesome Handmade Store on a Bike) house the other day in Echo Park to talk about the booth we are going to share at the upcoming Unique LA show ( May 2 +3!)  and before we got down to business she made us some fruit smoothies and we went out to her back yard. In her yard she has a pomegranate tree, loquat tree (she gave me a seed!), tangerines, oranges, peaches, figs, lemons, and even a grape arbor! Plus those gorgeous cacti. I am excited to try cooking the Nopale Cactus leaf she gave me! I've never prepared cactus before, it should be interesting...anyhow I was ENAMORED with her plant life, spending that  time in the sun with her fruit trees made me so refreshed and happy. I love backyards. I love Los Angeles. Thanks Kat!]]>

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