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a beautiful walk + earth day beef



Green swaths sponge soft texture on to gravel hills
a patch of wheat arms stretch out
their golden lantern hands glowing empty
our noses tell us the air has just been born
from a womb of blue sage and yellow mustard 

My cousin Ashley wrote that poem about our walk the other day in the Hills of hollywood, Griffith Park! I was having such a sad day for some reason and then we went for a walk and everything changed...It is wonderful to have nature so alive and invigorating in the middle of this crazy city. We walked to the top and then saw this ladybug fly over. Ladybugs are my animal totem/fairy messenger. ( ya I know, fairies...just keep reading) I was just talking to Ashley about my ladybug connection and then she appeared, I swear to God. See I've been reading this book on fairies lately and it's gotten me thinking about nature in this whole new enriched way. It's not surprising given our culture that belief in fairies is largely ridiculed and marginalized, considering our disconnection from the cycles of nature and the land we live on. It is nice that there is this whole blossoming awareness of being "green" but I feel like so much of it is lip service and greenwashing. I'll admit that Earth day annoys me for this reason, even though I know that awareness is rising and that is definately all good. Perhaps my dissatisfaction with Earth day is my own frustration that I live still so unsustainably and disconnected in this big metropolis....but mainly I just can't stand BS and my bullshit meter goes way up when I hear all these big polluting companies talk about how green they are. Let it be known that I don't stop appreciating holidays because they are exploited to sell stuff though, partly because I own a business that sells stuff best around holidays (!) but mainly because I love to celebrate!!!!...but to go back to my original point. Nature heals! Go for a walk somewhere full of green and enjoy this earth, today, everyday , anyday!


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