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Feeling like Sunday


Well yesterday was amazing. I actually really enjoyed my White Tantric experience which is not always the case. Its always powerful and very clearing but sometimes processing all the emotions and dirt that comes up can be very difficult. Very very difficult.  The past few I've done made me feel so much anger and rage, emotions I rarely have felt in my life, so you can understand that I don't always look fwd to the experience. To continue the bad metaphors from the previous post, meditation is like taking out the trash- sometimes it stinks on the way out but it's better to just do it than have it rotting there in your kitchen, you know....But yesterday I felt an empowered sense of bliss ( like every cell was dancing) and creativity. I was up writing until midnight which these days is highly unusual... I am so excited by all the opportunity everywhere..I have been in a winter time like creative slumber for years..and now its spring again, thank God. And for the first time ever I feel passion towards concrete goals! My goals up until now have been either to just get by or to somehow magically transform my business to being efficient and profitable, with out actually taking the steps to make that happen...Now instead of just wishing Patrick and I are actually doing it. I am getting the sense that this is the TIME TO DO IT and not just for 11:11 enterprises. No time to 'lose' ! Make those dreams happen! Figure out what the dream is in the first place.... Sometimes our lives get so clouded over and we have to really dig our way into some light and inspiration.....and then Grace happens and meets us on the road where we are, and takes us further than we could have ever even dared to dream.....no matter where you are today I hope that you are feeling the Grace and magic possiblities around every corner...because they are there if you look! Carpe diem.sunday-dreampainting1


This painting looks like this day feels to me . I hope your day has a golden glow too.]]>

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