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a wallet collage portrait

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When I was going through my paper stash the other day I found this collage wallet design I made for a friend way back in 2003, when I first started doing this biz and was living in Brooklyn. This guy was a bartender at the restaurant I was working in. It was this place called Nar in Williamsburg on Berry and Metropolitan. It's not there anymore... I was really into making collaged items for people that were reflections/portraits of the person's energy, though I wouldn't have used those exact words about it at the time. I feel like if you knew who this was for you would think i did a good job. Too bad I can't even remember his name. He had Hungarian ancestry...that's it.. And no I didn't have a crush on him either. At that point I was completely insane over someone else (the boss of said restaurant...what  a mess) but that is beside the point..... ahh memory lane.]]>


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