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I love this ad, and I don't even know what it says or condone smoking glamour...I have so many amazing vintage ads and random designs scanned I was thinking about creating a blog thats alllll about sharing inspiration. it would start with just my uploads and then also links to whats been created from the original..Then it can grow to a community thing where other users can contribute. I know there are amazing flickr pools dedicated to all this type of vintage design ( I had my mind blown the other night, do a search on vintage advertisements in flickr and see what i mean) but this would be different because it would be a place to come get ideas and then also share what has been created from the ideas.......anyhoo, its one of many projects to work on.....Patrick and I sat down all military style tonight and made a great plan for 11:11...written in dry erase marker on the floor length closet mirrors in our office. We are fired up and really excited to make the most of this little engine that could- 11:11 ENTERPRISES baby! Now I just gotta go get out of jury duty tommorow...I'm going to dress very "creatively" maybe even Princess Laia (sp?) braids .haha ( I don't watch 30 Rock, but Ashley was coaching me on jury duty tactics this morning)]]>

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  • this is great, it reminds me of something right out of Mad Men. The other day I picked up a book, Shelf Space: Modern Package Design 1945-1965 (jerry jankowski)…Some of the best inspiration comes from back in the day.


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