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The BEST CARROT CAKE recipe !!


I promised the guests at our party last sunday to post the recipe for the carrot cake I made. ( I threw my husband Patrick a surprise party, it was so fun!) Seriously this cake was the best I've ever had, and I had more than one person agree with me. It was very flavorful and moist, just divine. I will post the link and tell you what tweaks i made to the recipe.

The link is here. I tryed it because it said "the best carrot cake ever" and somehow I knew I could trust that statement. So, I replaced the eggs with egg replacer ( En R G kind) , took away 1/2 cup of the white sugar, added about a t of baking powder, a bit more cinnamon, and some fresh nutmeg. oh and I carrotcakecupcakesused pecans instead of walnuts. The other thing I will say is to be careful of how juicy the carrots get when you let them sit with the brown sugar. If they are really juicy you may want to strain a little liquid out so the cake isnt toooo moist. Use your judgement. Anyhow, I dont think you can go wrong..seriously this was INSANELY good. Whip up some easy cream cheese frosting with maple syrup and a little powdered sugar...taste test it for preferred sweetness!.....ENJOY!]]>

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