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saladcream3Pourable sunshine?! Salad Cream? Has anyone tried this product?Sounds too good to be true. We found this last night along with many other international treasures at our local Albertsons. We can walk to like every imaginable store you can think of. Before we went there we went to the Good will where Patrick bought me a yellow hat and I purchased some awesome African fabric for $2.99. Then we discovered the most amazing dollar bookstore you have ever seen -- A GOLD MINE I tell you. Then we wandered into the grocery store just to see what they had. We like to just wander the aisles and read labels. Its really kind of absurd. I wasn't even hungry which is very strange.

Then we walked home and gorged on smelling night blooming jasmine. When you stick your face into the clusters of blooms and inhale its like nothing bad exists in the world and you are in olfactory heaven. We picked some blooms and put them by the bed and inhaled the sweetness all night. Some day we will plant that amazing vine all around our cottage on the mountain top. Until then we'll pluck it from the neighbors! Thank you neighbors!!!! Thank you God! Thank you Awesome Jasmine plant!]]>


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