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Well. I finally carved a tunnel to my desk today. We moved to Culver City last weekend. For those of you unfamiliar, its a neighborhood kind of between Venice Beach and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, kinda.  WE LOVE IT HERE !!!!!!!!!!! Downtown just was not working for me , neither of us really, on SOOOO many levels. Now that we are out, I am wondering how that all even happened, though I know its all for the best somehow. We taught some good classes and made some good friends...Good energy in those walls....But it was seriously like living in the underworld. Some people dig that kind of thing...there is plenty to love there no doubt....but just not my cup of tea. I like walking out my front door and feeling trees and flowers and sunshine....not random bathrobe clad women trying to sell me jars of mayonaise or crap filled boxer shorts............

SOO,,, did I menton how happy I am here? The air is so fresh  can smell the ocean and the sounds of seagulls sailing by.

So, it will be turbo business time just as soon as I get this office a little more organized. I look forward to calling all my old and potentially new accts, as well as really pumping up the online store! YEAH SPRING!!!!!!!! Lets go bake a cake and celebrate. I am so excited.]]>

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