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Sometimes I have so many ideas on what to blog about and other times I sure don't. I am entering into a particularly hectic week as we are moving on friday to Culver City! Wow, third move in a little over 2 years..I must lovveee moving..I am excited about it even though it means chaos reigns until were settled in, which always takes longer than you think. We are moving because it has been too expensive for us to run the the Downtown Yoga Loft and we don't have the desire to stay in downtown for the amount of time it would really take to get established as a yoga studio here. I felt really bad about this for a while but now I am over it and have forgiven myself for biting off more than I was able or willing to chew...and am stoked about living closer to the beach with a rent less than half of what we pay now! woo hoo! plus the space we found is sweet, with roses out front and strawberry plants out the side door....We plan on still teaching classes at other studios downtown so we can serve the client base we have built so far, so hopefully that will work out...Ok now I go to work on the 11:11 website a bit, I am about to launch the updates!!! It doesn't happen often (enough), So I'm excited!]]>

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