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Art walk adventure last night

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Last night my dear friend Mara and I braved the cold (65 degrees haha) and set up our little tables near 4th and main on art walk night in beautiful downtown LA where every one is very sane and its very orderly. That amazing ghetto fabulous car pictured above was actually parked right behind us, along with this tricked out motorcycle that rode up BLASTING "Thriller". Then the selection moved on to such slow jam r & b favorites such as "Tonight's the Night" and "Bump and Grind". We were THRILLED with this. One of us would have gone to ask the guy to turn it down but he looked unstable so just dealt with it until finally he let the amazing live music happening on the sidewalk opposite us win out.

It was Mara's first time selling her delightful Art Cards on the street or ever  (and maybe the last!) was quite an introduction. We were  glad we went out there more for the people we met than enything else...people arent exactly throwing money around these days, not even on very reasonably priced treasures!!!

I especially enjoyed meeting Kat, in the left hand picture above. She is very inspired, and the cutest person you ever met...I love the way she does business, all on her terms , all from her bike! She told me she rides up to 30 miles sometimes to go to shows to sell her super cute stuff! Thats true dedication! 

We also had some nice synchronistic conversations with the nice fellow set up opposite us, Johnai. He does these crazy cool drawings and art on shoes! Turns out he used to be a yoga teacher too and he knows all kinds of people I know..small world. Best of luck to him at Pool this month!]]>


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