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Bacon, Cake, Money, Flowers

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Well I  am clearly not posting "a cardholder a day". Oh well.

I've been busily scanning raw material for the next 11:11 collection ...working title being "Bacon, Cake, Money, and Flowers" ....I am turned on by comfort and indulgence, now more than ever.. I guess because despite all the amazing blessings ( being a newlywed is awesome!) I am living on a razors edge financially and that is NOT comfortable, and also that indulgence is great but inner discipline is a real theme for I'm celebrating these things, but not neccesarily eating it.... I've noticed the national obsession with Bacon, now more than ever, and i really want to tap into that. This Bacon Weave business is something i wish i had heard of before i stopped eating meat! If anyone has good pictures of a bacon weave, cooked and uncooked, I will made you a whole set of bacon accessories as a thank you! The cake is kind of self explanetory... I know very few people who do not at least smile at the's celebration food! and money well.....In this time of "recession" I think we all are thinking alot about the subject///how to keep what we have and/ or make some!!!!!!!!!! I am of the later group... I am designing some patterns to bring good luck in that area......and Flowers for good measure. I love flowers , always have....every 11:11 collection needs a new flower offering.. to the Gods of good luck and prosperity!!!!!!]]>

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  • Jan Jensen: February 18, 2009

    Hey Jamila,
    I’m a friend of Ann’s and Callie’s. I love these cakes! I wanted to share with you a website I love:
    You’ll get a good laugh! :)
    All the best to you and your wonderful works of art!
    Best, Jan

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