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Calling All Obama related papers!!!


I m realizing fast how successful the one of a kind Obama books are, and so I am putting out a call for any Newspaper/ Magazine/ Posters (with Obama's face in color preferably) , you may have laying around leftover from the campaign or since. Send them to me and I will Paypal you the cost of shipping or if you prefer and if you send enough I will send you a cardholder or book made from whatever goodies you send me, for FREE! Thats how much it would mean to me.]]>

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  • (Apparel) I was rather susepirrd at the size of this wallet, but a few months down the line I am very pleased with my purchase. The authentic leather of the wallet is pleasant on the skin and catches the light nicely. The card slots are numerous and despite them being entirely occupuied, the wallet closes just fine. There is adequate room for cash, but once change is added it is a very different beast. The trouser-tightening dimensions of this bad boy mean that if one carries about change in it, the wallet is very difficult to extract from the hip pocket. This small problem aside, the wallet is great. I often get admiring glances and small talk at the bar when people notice quite how large my wallet is.


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