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Blast from the Past- THE BUCK ROSE BAGS

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A longgg longgg time ago, in a land far away ( Brooklyn) there was an idealistic young dreamer sewing feverishly and certain she would make riches from her wildly original handbag designs. Then she started selling wallets instead and she slowly learned what "reality" and "debt" is..... I know your in suspense (who!?! could I be talking about!) so ok I admit that was me. I really was so naive- but I was passionate and naive and thats what really matters! 

I made this collection of bags called Buck Rose ... they came out of the Burly Peace line which was purse response to the Iraq war which had just begun (2002). These bags were nuts, burlap and gold and silver leather, with Arabic words for peace and love and American military patches and pins. I worked with my dear friend Giada on that collection...we had alot of fun.... Fun, but not the kind you can take to the bank, if you catch my drift.

So out of that whole creative fever came the Buck Rose bags. These were obsessively painted bucks and roses on canvas made into these bags shown below. This was also about uniting opposites and specifically the  masculine (Buck) and feminine (Rose)... but I loved these bags so much I couldn't really sell them, plus I had no idea really how to sell them....

So now I find myself cleaning house (and I could really use the dough) and it's time to see if these babies might find another home. I'm telling all you 11:11 patrons out there, this is your big chance! These are truly one of a kind pieces...I'll never make these again...ever! Click here to visit my newly re-activated Etsy store and check them out! Hey and leave me some positive feedback too while your at it ;)



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