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my pretend reality show - a 40 day run


I'm going to pretend like this is my reality show and its in blog form. Which works because I can tell you I would never have a TV reality show. I've got to be careful with saying I would never do something though because I have seen in my life how alot of things I said I would never do I end up doing. Like moving to LA in general 4 years ago ( I think 4?) and especially moving to downtown LA this past summer. and now look at me. Patrick and I were walking down the street the other night, I was crying about something and we needed to get some air, and we practically walked into  a pair of boxers on the sidewalk with a dump planted squarely in the middle. And this was on OUR BLOCK too. I know, disgusting. Theres just so much to love... ANYway, I am kind of digging this idea that i am going to share my life through this blog starting today everyday for 40 days. you didnt hear? yes, thats my plan. 40 days because thats how long it takes to establish a new habit.... So, here goes it... 

I'm going to go make an fried eggplant sandwich now and take hot bath. Good night!

check back soon for the next episode !  ;)]]>

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