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Keep on...Keepin up


Today I went to court to try to convince the judge he shouldn't fine me $123 for Jaywalking because it was unfair. I am such a pollyanna sometimes. I went all prepared, with my map and my statement talking about unfair enforcement of the law and undue burdens but it just plain didn't matter. I left feeling a bit deflated, mostly because I had wasted so much time on something I shouldv'e just paid and moved on from. As I was driving home I saw this truck though and I took it to mean WINNERS KEEP ON TRUCKING.]]>

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  • I love your new blog…sorry to hear about the jaywalking judgement though. After my recent experience with stop sign ticket. Oh well , next time…or hopefully there won’t be a next time

    I love the Golden Bridge notebooks. Can you make these designs as card holders as well? I want to order 20 or so cardholders and give one to everyone in my yoga tt class


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