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Rainy Renegade


It figures that chicago would experience a record setting amount of rain, the most EVER IN RECORDED HISTORY, on the one weekend a year i take my wares to Chicago for an OUTDOORS show. oh well, we made the best of it, and in the end, the sun did make a cameo.
On Sunday, when it was just too wet to set up, we went and got into 2 new stores! Thanks to
Stacy of Paper Doll's recommendations, We went over to Hazel and had the good fortune to meet the owner Dave and see his very well curated store. So happy to have 11:11 on those shelves now too!
Also, went to Paper Boy (thanks to Jacob at Ex Libris Anonymous Books) and got into that super fun store as well!
and then in cleared, so we went and set back up..Feeling good that at least we did the best we could!

see it did clear eventually...sunday night:

isn't this a nice candle votive Patrick made, duct tape and receipts:

snapped on the way home, in the airport , YES HOME YAY, Together! Free your energies.

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