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i came across this fruit today at the asian supermarket around the corner. i am very intrigued. the" king of fruits"????
i quote:
"For those who have never heard of this fruit, the durian is a weird looking, strong smelling fruit that grows in South-East Asia. It resembles a spiked American football, is brown (almost yellow when ripe), and its smell has been compared to a sewage tank. The fruit separates into five segments, after being split open. The meat of the fruit is a creamy substance surrounding the chestnut-like seeds. The edible part of the durian has been compared in taste to cheese cake, onion flavored custard, or chocolate mousse."
"The durian fruit is covered in spikes, and a single fruit can be as heavy as a bowling ball. The fruits fall from the tree when ripe, and they have been known to kill people who are standing beneath them."
"Inside the fruit, which ranges in color from green to brown, there are five sections of yellowish to white blobs, filled with big brown seeds. The appearance of this is a bit unappealing to the durian novice. It looks a bit like raw chicken; however, it is anything but animal! The durian is like no other fruit in more ways than one. All durians have a custard-like consistency and can taste sweet or even nutty. My first reaction to the taste was one of surprise more than pleasure. It tasted like sweet, garlic pudding!"]]>

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  • How about durian and drinking alcohol?


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