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Merry Merry


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the evening started off with the best fish tacos ever at the Old Town Mexican cafe on Duval St.-- a restaurant owned by my parents old friend Gail, who owned a restuarant called Las Palmas, which my mom was a cook at when she was pregnant with me, and whose kitchen i seem to have faint recollections of as a toddler, also the Lighthouse restaurant, which my dad played piano at in partial exchange for dinners, in which i would always every time order the stuffed artichoke. YUM!!!

my mom taking in the splendorous christmas tree at the Rooftop cafe, while my favorite musicians play on in the backround.

after the Rooftop we went to a play at the Waterfront theatre, The Graduate, starring our dear friend Diana Verlain(second from the left- she was fabulous) as the tawdry Mrs. Robinson. It was SO FUNNY. then all of us headed to the charming new Tropic Cinema for some after hours wine .....

....which led to this.....

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