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our sequoia adventure

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last weekend we spent 2 days lost , driving through the sierra nevada mountains with a lying map trying to get to Sequoia National Park. Charred pine forests, curving winding roads,driving 40 miles only to find a dead end, driving down dirt roads looking for other roads on the advice of some passing hunters in coon caps. finally finding a campsite 30 minutes before dark, cooking a rice and stirfried veggies in my copper pots on a coleman stove perched on a tree stump. a babbling brook is the only plumbing , patrick made a fire entirely of the biggest pinecones you ever saw, thank GOD cause it was COLD ...the stars shining fiercely bright.
the nextday - patricks birthday-more driving, more lost, finally giving up that night and crashing at a Days Inn in Visalia, me singing happy birthday to patrick with a bunch of candles stuck in a trio of hostess cupcakes (omg WHO eats those? they are SO gross, yet so pretty)
the next day we finally find our vacation, a short drive to the Park and a visit to the largest tree in the world (the General Sherman)...we finally find a perfect campsite --next to a huge rock formation with a clear golden trout filled stream cutting through (water carves rock so masterfully). ahhhhhhh. fresh air...and were out of the car, finally. we get our 24 hours of peace and hit the road back to our LA existence.
check out patricks blog at to see more pics or just click on the title to link]]>


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