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slice of the blvd


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so we just took a late evening stroll down hollywood blvd.i am wearing a green flowered fifties style dress with both sets of pearls around my neck, turquise earrings, crystal braclet, my 25$ layaway casio gold watch. just to let you know.

it is surreal here beyond my ability to write in words.hollywood blvd is iconic visually but energetically it is STRANGE and attracts sort of this shadowy layer. i wanted to record this one little impression here because i find so much piogniancy everywhere and although this may seem a random anti-climactic little portrait , i feel compelled to record it anyway.

a slice of life:
at the corner of whitley and hollywood (whitley is our street) on our way back to the apt tonight we went into the corner store to get a jug of water. bright lights of convenience.eqyptian statues in the window. we enter and i notice a large african dread lock dude in full dress sort of standing near the entrance and we walk towards the back and a very agitated african man talking loudly in some foriegn tongue on the pay phone. patrick pauses to give change to a woman paying who is muttering that she needs a quarter.she ends up walking away and leaving a pile of change on the counter. a lady walks in wearing an absurdly tight corset and tells the african dreaded dude standing near the entrance "i SAID thank you, ASSHOLE" with a smile on her face.i take a thorough look at the stores offerings. an eclectic array. cheetos and leather belts and rainbow "Fancy Erasers". the corseted lady is telling her friend she is going to get get something for them to drink, shes got tequila in the car. she also tells her friend that she can borrow her corset for tommorow night, because the party is dress up and either corporate or fetish would be a good look. i exit, catch the friends eye briefly as i go. out side on the starry side walk the lady whom patrick gave the left change to is dancing on the side walk. shes wearing all brown, and a brown hat over her eyes, GROOOOOVing out with her hand to her ear.

and we walk home to our little perch above it all]]>

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