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Crazy past few months !


Since I last posted we have done two Renegade shows, a week long Kundalini yoga training course, MOVED OUR ENTIRE HOME AND OFFICE, went on a cruise with the inlaws, thrown 3 parties, and planted a garden !!!! So that explains the relative silence on my websites and social media accounts.. at least those are my excuses anyways! After all this time running a business I am still learning how to delegate and balance my time. Plus is it just me or is life just more intense lately ?!? Whatever it is, I am so grateful for it all - this year has been AMAZING so far....

 having fun in San Francisco after the Renegade show this summer.

me and my adorable booth mate Ja from Ilee Papergoods at the LA Renegade show

The amazing Guru Jagat teaching at the Aquarian Woman Kundalini yoga course at RA MA in Venice. 

I attended this a week before we moved, and I had not even begun to back anything yet. LOL

Saying goodbye to my old sink. We lived and worked almost 6 years in this apt. Six long, hard, sweet, transformational years.

I watched Funny Face to keep me going through marathon packing sessions.

I found the time to make it to my beloved farmers markets a few times... I love SoCal and eggplants.

On a last minute cruise to Catalina and Ensenada with Jai Gopal's parents ! It was delightful ..

A mango with chili I enjoyed in Mexico. Mexicans are fruit masters.


My new garden ! Our new office is through that door right at the top there.

I am learning so much working with a garden coach - the incredible Gian Prem of Plant Baby LA !

All the work still seems to get done at the dining room table though. And there is a lot of work to do!

Wish me luck and stay tuned for some very exciting new developments in the next month or so !!!!

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  • Wow,,, love your photos… a picture is worth a 1,000 words, I say you make me want to start a photo blog
    Thanks for taking the time to chronicle the beautiful life you live


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