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Inspiration and New Collection Update


I love this lady
I saw this and remembered the telephone pole used to be a tree!
I have a thing for old TV's on the side of the road
At our fav beach a few weeks ago...
I swear to all that is good that I have been working - hard! - on getting the new spring summer 2014 collection online. I am expecting it to happen in the next few weeks. It is no joke getting 3 times as many listings up than usual. This is our biggest and best new collection EVER so I know it's going to be worth the wait!
I have also been working on a few other brand new projects-- a new line of YOGA MATS and a line of my own hand drawn and screenprinted BANDANAS! Very excited- both are long time dreams I am now actively making happen, so it feels good. I have also been slowly getting in to the blogging groove over at my new home - jamilastarwater.com . I am writing about all my passions over there - Design, Health, Food, and Yoga. It is fun! I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think in the comments some time!
Thanks again for your interest and support - I am SO GRATEFUL.
PS we have 2 events coming up in May -- We will be at the Unique Show in Los Angeles May 3 +4 as well as the SF Bazaar show at the Makers Faire in San Francisco on May 17- 18 ! Hope to see you there :)

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