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SNEAK PEEK : 25 brand new patterns


Here are some screen shots to show you the results of my designing blitz !

I'm sooo excited to show you the designs in real life on our products -- asap!

Until then, here is the sneak peak! kind of overwhelming right.. Imagine how I feel! LOL

All of these will be available as passport holders, but today I am working on deciding which designs will be available in other products. I usually just offer around 9 new designs at a time so this is really different..



and more..

and then a few more...

Can't wait to show you all of these larger too!  I'm in love with a few of these..

I'm doing multiple color ways on some of these so we'll probably end up introducing the 30 new designs like I promised! Let me know your favorites ok that might help me make the decisions..

Ok.. gotta get back to work!





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  • You are a total genius! I can’t wait to get a few of these in the passport holder. Keep ’em coming. This world needs real art.

    Barkeny the gr8

  • If this is where your head is at, I want to be there too. Come get me and we are out of here.Beautiful work!


  • I love the Buddah on the mountain so powerful and the stewardesses are so great. PLus love Bon Voyage. Great work!!


  • Love the waterskiing, cars in the street, the desert with the mountains, and the roses with Mary! these are FABULOUS


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