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11:11 reboot on 11/11

Jamila Starwater Tazewell

Jamila Starwater

Self Portrait © Jamila Tazewell 2017

I created 11:11 Enterprises in 2003 as a way to make a living with my art, but it was always more than that for me. I wanted this company to be a force of good.. I knew we were just making wallets but I felt like we could make an impact in some small way, by putting a little more beauty in to the world. I chose the name because the numbers 11:11 kept appearing in my life and when they did, I felt better. It was inexplicable , undeniable and I didn't understand it at all.

Jamila - early days -1111

me circa 2004 with my first order ready to ship to Urban Outfitters

I eventually learned about the numerology of 11 and about the alignment of the master numbers 11:11 and the open doorway this time code allows through the matrix to the higher dimensions. My path towards awakening has been long and colorful. I am still learning so much every day about reality, creation and inspiration.

Jamila Starwater

circa 2011 enjoying endless imagery

As I go deeper in, I become more and more passionate about the power of imagery to delight, uplift and transform. I found my voice as an artist through collage, over many years of playing and creating for this company. Collage art is a medium of remix , revisioning and rebirth. It's taking what already is and making something new. Creating a new story with what we have been given. It's taught me a lot.

Carnation Queen

Carnation Queen © Jamila Tazewell 2016

Through my studies of kundalini yoga, meditation, esoteric philosophies and agendas, I've begun to understand that the power of imagery to effect consciousness is very real and very deep. Images and the symbolism they hold bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the hidden but very powerful parts of us, our subconscious. This is why a "picture speaks a thousand words". We know this but we aren't taught this unless we go looking for it.

 Creating the World - Starwater Yoga

Creating the World © Jamila Tazewell 2016

Well I've been looking.. and reading and meditating and creating and celebrating... and I'm ready now to start sharing more of my discoveries and inspiration.

This company will remain dedicated to spreading joy and delight through inspired imagery. We have new designs and creations coming soon and we will be sharing much more on our Instagram too - going through the vaults to bring out lots of vintage imagery for your enjoyment..

Jamila Starwater

Backflips in Heaven © Jamila Tazewell 2017

If you haven't already, please join me also over at my sister business Starwater Yoga where we deeply revere and explore the esoteric symbols and their effect on consciousness. We put these powers to work for the uplifting of our own minds, through the imagery on each of our products.

Lastly, you'll find me also over at JamilaStarwater.com where we go deeper in to the teachings and explorations that have enriched my life so much.

Much love and blessings to you.

Happy 11/11






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  • Beautiful words. I love your pictures! and I love watching the things you do!
    I too love searching the universe and finding joy on my path of learning

    Beth Carty

  • Hello Jamila,
    Thank you for sharing your journey, your life story of finding your voice, your art, your truth and all the evolutions & elevations it comes with. Wow! I will stay tuned to hear your voice as you thrive forward joined in all the new realms of being you have so lovingly cultivated. You are brave to share your story and kind to move forward inviting others to the adventure. Sat Nam. 💟Kathleen

    Kathleen Hill

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