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What is a Black Friday ?

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( I don't usually re post my mailing list emails to my blog but today i couldn't resist ! also - there is a SALE!)


As someone who sells stuff for a living, I was curious about Black Friday and wondered how the day got it's name. According to Wikipedia the name actually originated with a financial crisis in 1869 ! Then the name started cropping up again as a negative connotation in 1961 and it was referencing the throngs of people crowding the streets and stores on the day after Thanksgiving. It wasn't until the 1980's that Black Friday started to be associated with accounting. You know for a lot of businesses - mine included - Black Friday is the turning point financially where we get out of the red and into the black! That, my friends, is a beautiful thing!

So now that you've had a history lesson, if you want to partake in the fun (without getting all agro at the big box stores!)  , we are having a sale like everyone else!  Except ours is better! LOL
Seriously now. This is the deal :


We have the best presents you will ever find minus the thronging masses.

10% on $25 or more - Use code MEGT1CX3W at checkout

20% on $50 or more - Use code B8ZRT6HHY at checkout

Now grab a hot beverage , get cozy, and get all your holiday shopping needs taken care of!!!

Thanks for reading this far down. We love you.

Wishing you the best holiday ever,




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