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Tips to Avoid and Cover any Passport Problem before it happens

Jan David

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Passport issues can be rather complicated.  There are rules for every aspect of getting issued a passport, no matter what country.  Furthermore there are all kinds of issues that a passport holder will have to contend with from lost passport replacement to replacing a damaged passport to getting visas and the like.  Here are a few tips on how to resolve and or avoid the most common problems that arise from getting a passport to maintaining it.     1. Apply Early!  When applying for a new passport, make sure to apply at least three to four months before your...

Top Six Reasons to Use a Passport Holder or Passport Cover

Jan David

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A Passport holder is easily identifiable.  If you have a bunch of stuff in your bag or purse you can always find your passport by the style of the holder.

Passport to Italy: Visiting Tuscany around Monteriggioni and beyond Part 1

Jan David

Tags europe, holder, italy, monteriggioni, passport, retreat, tuscany, yoga

 Several years ago I went on a meditation retreat to Tuscany.  The place was an 11th Century farm built in the crater of a volcano, just outside  Monteriggione.  To say the trip was magical would be an understatement.  The medieval feel of this place in modern times is something that just has to be experienced.  Tuscany is a series of towns that used to be walled cities in medieval times.  Italy proper didn't even exist prior to the late 1800's.  Before that there were these city-states that mirrored the walled cities of the medieval days and the renaissance.  I found...

Top 5 Pink Passport Holders from 11:11 Enterprises

Jan David

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Here you go.  Here are our top five picks for pink passport holders in the 11:11 Collection.  We have over 75 different styles of passport holder and many of them make great gifts for the woman traveler in your life.  Here's the top picks as far as pink passport holders go. Pink passport holders have become all the rage in recent years.  We're not sure why that's true, but for some reason pink is the new black.  The unfortunate part about it is that many pink passport holders just lack any real character.  One for example is just a pink...

Ornate Finch Makes for a Good Travel Passport Holder

Jan David

Tags audubon, birds, finch, holder, passport, passport case, passport cover

 We're happy to present to you the ornate finch travel passport holder from 11:11 Enterprises.  This is a fun design that is sure to please women and men alike, but especially women with a refined sense of style.  This passport holder is a lightweight case that fits snugly on U.S. and other passports.  We're currently adjusting the size to fit Canadian Passports as well as German Passports, but for now they fit most countries passports-- France, England, and Japan for sure.  This design is a cool collage done by the designer and owner of the company Jamila Starwater Tazewell.  It...