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We recently spent 6 days exploring Paris before heading off to other parts of France. It was one of the most visually enriching experiences of my life. 


Luxembourg Gardens = Pure Charming Delight . Not pictured is one of the most decadent oversized beurre de sel macarons ever dreamed of.. purchased at a little stand not far from here and forever etched in my heart.

My kind of dress.

View from the top of the Grande Roue Ferris Wheel next to the Louvre. See Sacre Coeur in the distance.

Luxembourg Gardens again

Favorite painting in the whole Louvre right here. Giuseppe Arcimboldo..

Eclair de Genie  .. works of art.

Sainte Chappelle.. breathtaking gem ...over 700 years old.

insane facades.. everywhere

colorwheel graffiti

Bonjour ! Au Revoir! Merci ! My three french words. I will be posting more french pics as soon as I can. Working through over 2000 images from the trip. All taken with an iphone 6 (and without a selfie stick!)

This post is brought to you by.. our best seller.. Paris Map Passport Holder ! I am so grateful that I was able to have this adventure. Thanks for supporting this independent creative small business and making dreams come true. 



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It's been a real long time coming ... we are so excited to finally share with our community what we've been up to so far this year. We have completely re arranged how we do business and have moved our office space around 3 times so far this year... I feel like there has been a ton of grown under the surface of the soil, so to speak, and now it's bloom time.

Being able to offer individually made custom products has been a dream for many many years and it is now 100 percent a reality. I invite you to get your creativity flowing and make a one of a kind gift for yourself or your fav person. I can't wait to see it! Visit our custom products portal here.

In the last few days I have gone in and re arranged, pruned and added new content all over this website, and it feels so good! I'm especially excited to have many more product demo's finally up - if you are curious to know what our products look like in real life, it's a good place to start.

My next big project is finishing my new design collection (along with new Starwater Yoga Mats!) in the next few weeks before we head out for Summer Solstice in New Mexico. My goal is to have the new designs online by July.. So that's my hustle.. keep an eye out for me. If you want to be the first to know about it, join our mailing list. I send out about 3 emails a year so don't worry about getting spammed ok..

Thanks so much for reading and for your business!!!!!!!!




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Seeking bright, organized, reliable and WONDERFUL person to join our team as an OFFICE COORDINATOR. Please spread the word to Los Angeles based friends who may fit this description, Thanks !
For more info and to apply, see craigslist ad here--http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/ofc/5013595051.html
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Now that it's springtime I am feeling like it's (finally) time to come out of hibernation mode and start sharing what I've been up to. I had the great fortune to go to Russia last week and the experience was a visual feast that has left me positively buzzing with creative inspiration. We went to the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg the day before we left. IT WAS INSANE. I had been reading an excellent 600+ page book  about Catherine the Great all through the trip, so when I realized that she founded the Hermitage museum I was even more excited to go. Catherine the Great was a very interesting woman. Born German and married very young to the future Czar Peter III, Catherine was an extremely intelligent, warm and patient woman who seized the crown in a coup a few months in to her husbands reign. Her husband was an emotional cripple who enjoyed playing with life size dolls of Prussian soldiers and sleeping with all her ladies in waiting. Even though he was a direct descendant of Peter the Great, he hated Russia and was obsessed with the king of Prussia. She on the other hand was a very dutiful wife who was much loved by all.  When it came time to take the power from her husband, she completely turned the tables on him. She ended up ruling Russia as empress for 37 years and her reign is now known as Russia's Golden age. She began collecting the artwork that is now part of the Hermitage Museum two years in to her reign. The Hermitage today is the fourth largest museum in the world, with over 3 million artworks and the largest collection of paintings in the world.

When we were there, the thing the struck me most was how thoroughly and completely the whole space was designed. Every single element is a masterpiece. It was like walking through a grand creative vision realized and manifested to the nth degree. After reading so much about the personal life and struggles of the woman who established this place, I was really deeply struck by how much is really possible in a life. I know it's like an anthill being inspired by Mt Everest but still it was a personal revelation for me, being in that incredibly opulent and realized space. I am feeling so inspired now to give everything to my creative vision - to really just go for it. I'm not sure how it's all going to translate and manifest, but I am just going to show up and give what I've got. The collaging has already begun :)

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I hope your new year is filled with vibrant color and love....
From top to bottom : Plastic flower inspiration at Micheal's Craft, NYE after the balloon drop at the incredible Harijiwan and Tej party in Santa Monica, exploring my new neighborhood- I found the persian cucumber hook up btw, the sky and pacific ocean on Christmas day 2014 in Venice,  one of the incredible Thangkas that line the walls of the shining gem that is RA MA Yoga in Venice, Crazy insanely perfect (and divine) gluten free chocolate chip cookies that I ate way too many of (and I used ground chia instead of eggs), and last but not least! Jai Gopal and I post Christmas morning yoga on the beach with friends.. Good times.. We had a lovely end to a truly transformational year and are gearing up for big exciting things in 2015. We're so grateful to all our family, friends, teachers, customers, suppliers, contractors and worker bees for making what we do possible.
Dreams do come true. Thank you for being a part of ours.
All the best to you and yours this year and beyond !!!!
Jamila + Jai Gopal
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