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I am *SUPERLATIVELY* thrilled to officially launch the  2014 Spring / Summer Collection prints today -- all 26 of them! Please have a look at this link ------------------>  here !!!!

Have a look at please let me know your favorites! Ok now I am off to go shout from the digital roof tops.... !!!!!!!!! Oh also -- I'll love you forever if you would share this collection with your friends via facebook / twitter / insta / a cup of tea .... Sharing is caring.

LOVE and THANKS for your support.



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I love this lady
I saw this and remembered the telephone pole used to be a tree!
I have a thing for old TV's on the side of the road
At our fav beach a few weeks ago...
I swear to all that is good that I have been working - hard! - on getting the new spring summer 2014 collection online. I am expecting it to happen in the next few weeks. It is no joke getting 3 times as many listings up than usual. This is our biggest and best new collection EVER so I know it's going to be worth the wait!
I have also been working on a few other brand new projects-- a new line of YOGA MATS and a line of my own hand drawn and screenprinted BANDANAS! Very excited- both are long time dreams I am now actively making happen, so it feels good. I have also been slowly getting in to the blogging groove over at my new home - jamilastarwater.com . I am writing about all my passions over there - Design, Health, Food, and Yoga. It is fun! I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think in the comments some time!
Thanks again for your interest and support - I am SO GRATEFUL.
PS we have 2 events coming up in May -- We will be at the Unique Show in Los Angeles May 3 +4 as well as the SF Bazaar show at the Makers Faire in San Francisco on May 17- 18 ! Hope to see you there :)
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I'm teaching Kundalini yoga at Ra Ma Yoga in Venice now!
parking lot selfie in my yoga barbie outfit
california poppies closing for the evening
i adore the baked goods at M Cafe
thrift store pattern love
i wrote this article on the vegetarian natural foods restaurant my beautiful mother opened in 1976
i am obsessed with the donut signs of los angeles
i am also obsessed with kippys ice cream. raw, made from coconuts and honey. insane
magic days with my crazy awesome beautiful BFF Rachel
getting back to work... soon..
ps let's be insta-friends
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I have been working on a new website for over 9 months now and I'm super excited to finally share it with you!

JamilaStarwater.com is all about exploring design, health, food and yoga . Since I started this accessories business 11:11 enterprises 11 years ago (!!!),  my life and interests have grown so much. I quit drinking and drugs 8 years ago. I became a Kundalini Yoga teacher 7 years ago and have been been learning as much as I can since then about this ancient technology. I have faced countless health challenges which have made me into a super natural health nerd. My mom gave me her love of cooking healthy and my husband continues to inspire me with food (he is a culinary wizard).. and of course my love of design has grown so much as I continue to learn what it is to run a successful creative business.

I am passionate about creative living in all forms and this new venture is way for me to develop and share what I learn. Oh and hey I made a new facebook page today -- so you know its official now! 

Please check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think!






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Here are some screen shots to show you the results of my designing blitz !

I'm sooo excited to show you the designs in real life on our products -- asap!

Until then, here is the sneak peak! kind of overwhelming right.. Imagine how I feel! LOL

All of these will be available as passport holders, but today I am working on deciding which designs will be available in other products. I usually just offer around 9 new designs at a time so this is really different..



and more..

and then a few more...

Can't wait to show you all of these larger too!  I'm in love with a few of these..

I'm doing multiple color ways on some of these so we'll probably end up introducing the 30 new designs like I promised! Let me know your favorites ok that might help me make the decisions..

Ok.. gotta get back to work!





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