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HELLO !!!!
We've been lucky to travel a little bit this summer - here are a few pics from our adventures...
We stayed for a week on a Garlic farm near Taos, New Mexico.. Jai Gopal even got to help harvest this field of Garlic one of the days.
We came across this idyllic little scene on a walk one day near Dixon, NM
I love this picture of Jai Gopal ! I think it expresses what a magical person he is really well !
This Rio Grande gorge bridge is no joke.
We took the scenic route back to CA ...
But before we left Taos i had to get a pic with this amazing Hollyhocks that are everywhere in that town!
This is a pic of Pyramid lake, just outside of CA. Isn't is magic looking! I snapped this the other day coming home from the Renegade show in SF !
Last weekend at the Renegade show in LA ! It was a hotter than usual weekend but we had a great time. and check out that purple sunshine beam!
We're gearing up now for the holidays with all kinds of new projects on the horizon that we are so excited about! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope you are having a colorful summer ( or winter!), wherever you are !


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Coming up this weekend ! This is always a great show and we are really looking fwd to it. Packing the car up with all kinds of new stuff ( like new designs, new luggage tags,  and new our YOGA MATS!) and driving to SF on thursday! If you are in the bay area please come by! It's a free event with tons of super cool people and wares.. and the venue is gorgeous too, right on the water with views of the golden gate.. :))) Also PS if you have delicious restaurant recommendations I am taking suggestions. ( SF has the best food! )

This is a pic of me a few years ago at a Renegade show in LA.. which speaking of..

At the end of the month in Los Angeles -- We'll be here too!! This time the show is at downtown's new Grand park - I've never been but I hear it is lovely so I'm really looking fwd to this one.

Hope to see you there!


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Would you like to win a STARWATER YOGA MAT for zero dollars !? I thought so! Enter to win below -- it's super easy.  I'm hoping this gets shared far and wide--Please help spread the word :)))

Thank you!!!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

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insta pic of my hotel room nightstand while I was in SF for the Maker Faire ! Gotta have my crystals and magic zebra notebook to super charge the sleep you know!

Representing in my favorite new Family Affairs skirt at the incredible Maker Faire SF ! and peep the new Starwater Yoga mats !!

after the Maker Faire show we had a lovely visit with some old friends who live in Berkeley now so we took a day trip to Pt. Reyes !

Which was insane !!

Proud cucumber insta moment <3


Happy almost summer to you! It's been a crazier than normal spring and I'm so excited for all the new things we have been working on over here. For one -- my new Starwater yoga mats are live on our website ! We did a tiny pre launch in May for them and the response was huge. I'm so excited to start sharing these with the world this week. I've also got some new designs brewing so stay tuned fellow design loving yogi friends! This project has been a real dream come true for me as I have been a very dedicated and passionate student and teacher of Kundalini yoga since 2007. These yoga mats are a total merging of my two big loves, and I could not be more excited to share them with you. Hey also -- if you have requests for new yoga mat themes - i am all ears!! Comment below or email me. I'd love to hear from you.

We've also got new luggage tags coming online soon! 12 new designs, real stoked about these babies. And last but not least - tell your Japanese friends they are in luck because we are expanding soon to sell on Amazon Japan ! We are still working out the details but it is happening !!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that's about it for now.. we've got some other secret stuff in the works and I look fwd to sharing that with you as soon as i can... Hope all is great with you and you are enjoying the beautiful day / night -- wherever you are!





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We are working hard over here to get ready for Unique LA this weekend!! If you are in Los Angeles I would love to see you there! We'll have our new collection, new luggage tag designs and will be accepting pre orders for our NEW YOGA MAT COLLECTION!
Come by and say hi :)
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